“I : Karma / Dharma ?”

All day all night

The mirrors of Shadow

Awakened my dreams ,

Poison has drenched

The ocean over me

Python coiled his wings Around me,

Name ,fame , sake

All is lost in wilderness .

Like I wandered

To find “me”

Amidst the fragmented realities ,

Of identities .


Karma revealed,

What My Dharma ,

Should be ,

Of “Family”

Of “society”

Of “Sanskar” ,


I wonder at last

When my dharma

Will transcend to

The Karma of “I“….

Note :

Karma is the daily work and that is somewhat binded in our “dharma” which is again limited towards the society . Our family, society everyone defines our dharma and sometimes while following it we actually loose ourselves ,pursuing those multiple identities (of dharma ).


Fear sleeps

In the dark room

Of My heart .

It’s just the beginning

But I fear,

Fear of loss

Fear of the friend

Fear of the pressure

Fear of mental breakdown

Fear to be the best .

It’s the fear

That resonates

The symphony of agony,

Bringing me back

As Prisoner of Reality ,

Of college, Of home ,Of heart

Of Time Immemorial .

People say,

“Relax everybody faces it”

But its the fear which tells

“No ,you are the sole sufferer”

A blank space

Is all I need ,

Still ,

The inhibition

Is what

Holds me back!!


Night of the Raven ,

Of the Owl

Darkness both

In and out ,

Wolf howling

For the

Lost Moon,

Breath parts away ….

The leaves murmured

Gossiping in my ears

About the Past

The Present

The Future .


Amongst the devils


That embellishment


Change my life .

That ray of light

Turned into hope

Hope for light,

Hope for Kindness ,

Hope to live again ,

To fall in LOVE

Again !

Hope to achieve

Higher Innocence ,

Hope to be ONE

With HIM

Again !


A Bowl in my hand
A torn blanket
A  packet of wafers ,
The gentleman gave .
Sitting on the road
My home .
Fighting the chilly night
Of December ,
I have not seen
Books , Pens
Mummy , Papa
Home ;
But I am happy ,
Happy for  having
My friends , My family ;
They have played
In my arms,
Their puppies too .
When you sit
Packed in your blankets
I have my friends ,
Not void of love
For me .
While the world lies
I have my friends
Away from these vices ,
My lily, my Chotu , my Motu..

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What if words didn’t exist ?

Words ….

Of love

Of truth 

Of humanity 

Of treachery 

Of deception 

Of  politics 


What if we all had emotions 

To empathise 

To feel other’s 

To be oneself ,

Like those petty animals

Dogs, cows, wolves ,

Those tigers on the verge of extinction ,

Those birds who fly beyond human horizon,

Those monkeys jumping 

From tree to tree ,

Those fishes exploring the sea ,

In that Forest 

In that Ocean

In that abundant

Real world ,

Wish I was born an animal 

Not a homo sapien .

Away from the adamantine chains  

Of that Deception.

The Golden Thread

Thread binding the 

Child to mother

Mother to nature,

Sunlight to Moon 

Moon to Ptarmigan.

Mountains to river

Rivers to ocean,

Madness to bliss

Bliss to soul ,

Heaven to Hell 

Hell to Satan.

Thread that gained the

Paradise Lost ,

You were that  

Golden thread 

Which brought me closer

To myself .

But oh!! 

That  Golden Thread 

Was the LIE

The beautiful Lie.